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1) Quality: Its our top priority…

1) QA Team

We have formed a team of professionals who quality check every deliverable before it goes out to the clients. This team is solely based in the UK as they have years of experience working locally, hence understand the industry quality standards.

2) Documentation

We believe good documentation goes a long way in closing any communication gaps. We produce detailed documents at various stages within the development life cycle to get customer approvals and sign-off.

3) Escalation

If for any reason the clients are not happy with the output, we have set up levels of escalation where they can feedback and raise any concerns. If we have not delivered on what we promised, we will re-do the work to make sure we meet your expectations on what we agreed.

2) Benefit Our Clients 

1) Cost: 

The business we are in, one size does not fit all, hence our services are highly customisable. We have multiple partners for development but single quality assurance and project management team. So we let you chose the delivery points without any compromise on the quality.
A business should benefit vendor as well as the client.

2) Consulting:

Our project management team has many years of experience in the UK’s IT industry. They understand your requirements and provide suggestions based not only in terms of cost but also the latest technologies in the industry. We love talking about design, scalability and the best industry practices.

3) Value Our Partnerships

1) Transparency: 

We will have an open and transparent relationship with our partners. Partners will work with the clients closely so that they know the business before commencing any work.

2) Project Based Resourcing:

Partners and Clients can benefit from long term project resourcing. If any business needs developers for a longer period of time, we can recommend our partners based on their speciality.