CodeIgniter Projects

Brightlines Translations

This project was for a translation company where they can have translators registered with them and they can assign jobs, tests to translators and then finally shortlist them for a certain job.


Following are some of the features that we integrated into this project:

  • Test system where translators have to do a test job and their job is checked by experts
  • Questionnaires: Translators have to give references of their previous employers and website sends a questionnaire to those references and final result is show to admin
  • Very advanced search to filter translators against many different criteria

Flannery Schools Management System

This project required to create number of websites for different school from a single admin panel. And also had a requirement to manage content of all sites from a single panel. We designed and developed this website with “Single Database – Multiple Source” approach and gained ability to create a SaaS like website.

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Features of Codeigniter

  1. Model View Controller Based System
  2. Session Management
  3. Extremely Light Weight
  4. Query Builder Database Support
  5. Email Sending Class
  6. Image Manipulation Library
  7. File Uploading Class
  8. FTP Class
  9. Pagination
  10. Data Encryption
  11. Benchmarking
  12. Full Page Caching
  13. Error Logging
  14. URI Routing
  15. Codeigniter’s record implementation capability is brilliant and fast and can be memorized easily.

CodeIgniter is open source software, licensed under MIT License and its source code is maintained at GitHub.

As it’s open source software, you are permitted to copy, modify and distribute this software and its documentation for any purpose under following conditions.

  1. Redistributed source code must retain the copyright note.
  2. Altered files must say the modifications made and carry name of individuals that changed them.
  3. Derived products cannot be called same as ‘CodeIgniter’ without written consent from British Columbia Institute of Technology.
  4. All distributions must include a copy record of this arrangement.
  5. An acknowledgement must be included with derived products that they’re derived from CodeIgniter.

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